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Town of Sidney Free Programs

E-Bike Courses

Adult Bike Skills Course

Our adult bike skills course teaches the knowledge and skills needed to increase comfort and confidence on the bike. Learn rules of the road, bike handling, and enjoy a guided road ride led by our friendly and experienced instructors.

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Kids Bike Skills Course (Age 7 - 9)

This fun, games based 3-hour long course works on balance and control while developing your child's bike handling skills. Though fun, interactive games kids will learn basic bike safety and how to ride confidently around their neighbourhood.

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Youth Bike Skills Course (Age 10 - 15)

This course for youth aged 10 – 15 teaches students the rights & responsibilities of urban bike riding. Students gain skills; parents gain confidence in their child’s ability to ride their bike around town.

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EBike Course: Saanich Incentive Program

As part of the District of Saanich's E-Bike Incentive Program we are running a series skills courses for E-Bike owners. Learn traffic skills and bike handling through classroom theory, parking lot skills, and a guided road ride.

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E-Bike Freedom 55+

Our Safe Cycling for E-Bikes Course delivered specifically for older adults. Learn all the tools you need to ride your E-Bike safely and confidently.

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CRD E-Bike Courses

We are offering free E-Bike test courses, funded through the CRD's Charge Your Ride program.

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Volunteer Ride Marshaling

Beginner Biking

Discover or rediscover - the joy of riding a bike! If you are new to cycling, or you are feeling out of practice & unsure, visit for one-on-one lessons.

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